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“Take a deep breath.” That’s how you’re greeted each time you open this smartphone-based app. Calm features meditation tools—including breathing exercises with guided and unguided sessions—and sleep aids.

HydroMATE and HidrateSpark®

Do you find yourself filling a bottle with water only to forget to drink it? HydroMATE offers a collection of BPA-free, eco-friendly, reusable water bottles with hourly time markers printed on the outside. Each time stamp is coupled with an encouraging quote designed to motivate users to boost their daily water intake.

Find HydroMATE on hydromateusa.com

HidrateSpark tracks how much you drink and, when you’re not meeting your daily intake goals, glows from within to remind you to take another sip.

Find HidrateSpark on hidratespark.com


This all-in-one app helps keep your mind and body healthy by offering brain games, workout routines, and recipes all designed to help you stay sharp physically and mentally. It was developed for people with physical and cognitive difficulties.

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