Cooking Companions

Carrots being chopped on a cutting board

Experts agree that a great way to start eating healthier is to prepare your own food. Cooking from scratch uses real, unprocessed ingredients and makes it likely you’ll use less sodium, refined fat, and sugar.

Meal Planning

Lifesum is an app designed to support you in reaching your health goals through better eating. It can help you find a diet you love, stick with that diet by providing simple meal plans, count your calorie intake, and more. You can download the app—free—from the App Store and Google Play. It then requires a monthly subscription fee.

Electric Jar Openers let you pop off lids with the push of a button. These are helpful for difficult-to-open jars of your favorite foods.

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Meal Prep

Adaptive Cutting Boards are designed for performing prep work with a single hand. Many features include suction cup feet to keep the board from sliding, stainless steel spikes to keep food in place, and walled edges to make spreading a breeze.

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A mezzaluna is a knife with one or more curved blades with a handle on each end. Using a seesaw motion, you can slice and dice with ease while ensuring fingers are clear of the cutting surface.

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Weighted silverware utensils help keep trembling hands steady during mealtime and come in various styles to blend in. Some sets even come with a travel roll, making it easy to take them with you for a night on the town.

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